Checking In

Hello, my lovely readers! I just wanted to take a minute to check in and let you know that my posting is going to be a little spotty for a while. Alas, life gets in the way. Needy children, a needy puppy and a husband who has been working late most nights are requiring me to put MommyEnnui on the back burner.

I’d also like to take some time to try my hand at writing a few pieces for publication elsewhere. Unfortunately, magazines and other websites often accept only work that has not previously been published, even on a personal blog. So my plan to kill two birds with one stone by submitting pieces I’ve written for the blog isn’t working out as I had hoped.

I promise I’m not disappearing though. I’ll continue to post here and on the MommyEnnui Facebook page. If you’re not following on Facebook, please do. I occasionally post short pieces and things I find on the web that I think you’ll find interesting or funny only on the FB page so the MommyEnnui blog doesn’t get too cluttered.

To thank you for sticking with me through thick and thin, I’ve dug up some WTF Halloween costumes from the internets just for you. It is WTF Wednesday after all!


I know, I’ll be Tinkerbell. No, wait! Pregnant Tinkerbell…that’s even better!


In case you couldn’t tell.


Is there a pun here that I’m not getting? A reference to a movie I never saw?


Sexy Bert and Ernie, of course.


Someone call PETA, immediately!


Sweet Jesus…no!!!


Unicorns prefer classic, camel jackets, and eating babies.


Um, this CAN’T be good luck.


Yes, this appears to be an Easter costume, but if there was ever a photo that belongs on my blog, this is the one.

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