It’s ‘WTF Wednesday!’

It’s another new MommyEnnui weekly feature! On WTF Wednesdays, I will present to you a random assortment of things that make you say, “What the f**k?!” Today, we cover ridiculous vintage paperbacks. Next week, it could be something mind-blowing from nature, an asinine quote by Sarah Palin, or a review of a shockingly bad sitcom that somehow made it onto network television. The possibilities are endless.

** Click on any paperback below to launch a slideshow with larger images.

Stuff I Found…

rough_night_playmobil…When I Should Have Been Scrubbing Thanksgiving Dishes

I’ll be honest.  It’s the day after Thanksgiving and I’m sleepy and still somewhat hungover.  I’m feeling fat, not funny.  So, this is the perfect excuse for Volume 2 of ‘Stuff I Found’… Enjoy!